Psychological Support for children and young people

Consultation with children

I work with children and young people who experience anxiety and low self-esteem and may have conditions such as autism or ADHD. I provide one-on-one consultation sessions, that can be held either virtually or in person, at their educational setting or at an office-based location. During consultation sessions, I use solution-focused therapy, therapeutic play, and positive psychology to help children and young people overcome their challenges and improve their mental health and emotional well-being.

The number of consultation sessions with the child will be determined based on their individual needs, following parental consent and agreement.

Social Skills Groups

I work with children at a group level planning and implementing social skills activities in school and virtually to:

Groups can be organised in discussion with the school and parents following a specific assessment process for group work and parental consent. If there is an ELSA in school we may collaborate in the group.

The frequency and duration of the social skills training with children is: Once per week for one hour, for a period of up to six months. Then we review the progress using specific research evidence questionnaires regarding their social and communication skills.

Contact me if you require support for your child